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Statistical Handbook -2013


Statistical Handbook - 2013
1. District at a Glance
Table- 1(56.5 KB) District at a Glance
Table- 2(44.3 KB) District Development Indicators of important items
Table- 3(63 KB) Block wise Indicators of some major items.
Table- 65(48.7 KB) Block wise list in decending order according to information of indicators of the major items.
2. General Information
Table- 4(30.4 KB) Block-wise Information
3. Area & Population
Table- 5(27.2) Block wise summary of villages as per census data
Table- 6(23.1 KB) Block wise rural population growth per 10 year.
Table- 7(31 KB) Block wise Area, population of  residential houses and families. SC / ST population in the district.
Table- 8(33.3 KB) Block wise economic classification of population in the district.

Table- 9(42.9 KB)

Block wise population/difference in population of inhabited villages per 10 years.
Table- 10(26.5 KB) Population as per mother tongue in the district.
Table- 11(27.4 KB) Population as per religion in the district.
Table- 12(25.1 KB) Age wise population in the district
Table- 13(28 KB) Age/Maritial status wise Male/Female population in the district.
Table- 14(30.9 KB) Age/Education qualification wise Male/Female population in the district.
Table- 15(33.4 KB) Block wise  scholar and literacy percentage growth in the district.
Table- 16(22 KB) Block wise summary of villages as per the population in the district.
4. Agriculture
Table- 17(46 KB) Block wise land use (in hectare) in the district.
Table- 18(51.3 KB) Block wise irrigated area(in hectare) as per various means used for irrigation.
Table- 19(71 KB) Block wise area(in hectare) as per major crops in the district.
Table- 20(27.8 KB) The average yield of major crops in the district (quintal per hectare)
Table- 21(27.8 KB) The major crops produced in the district (in metric ton)
Table- 22(31.7 KB) Production/Cost  of agricultural crops in the district (in Rs)
Table- 23(28.5 KB) Block wise status of various means of irrigation in the district as per 31st March.
Table- 24(29.4 KB) Block wise irrigated area in the district.
Table- 25(23.9 KB) Block wise agricultural equipments in the district.
Table- 26(22.2 KB) Block wise distribution of fertilizers in the district (in metric ton)
Table- 27(27 KB) Block wise some major agricultural facilities in the district.
Table- 28(18.5 KB) Block wise number of food grains reserves and their capacity in the district.
5. Animal Husbandry and Fisheries
Table- 29(41.1 KB) Block wise population of Livestock, and other birds in the district.
Table- 30(25.4 KB) Block wise Veterinary hospitals & other facilities in the district.
Table- 31(22.6 KB) Fisheries.
6. Cooperative
Table- 32(29.2 KB) Block wise primary agricultural credit cooperative societies in the district (as per 31st March)
Table- 33(26 KB) Other cooperative societies in the district
Table- 34(23.7 KB) District cooperative banks, cooperative agriculture and rural development banks in the district (as per 31st March)
7. Industry
Table- 35(18.5 KB) Progress of Industralisation in the district.
Table- 36(24.6) Number of industrial units working under various institutions in the district.
Table-36-1(24 KB) Number of industrial units, small scale units, khadi units and their employees in the district.
Table- 37(18.8 KB) Industrial units in the district.
8. General Education
Table- 38(37.9 KB) Block wise  recognized educational institutions in the district.
Table- 39(45 KB) Block wise/category wise number of students in recognised educational institutions in the district.
Table- 40(25.6 KB) Block wise number of teachers in recognised education institutions in the district.
Table- 41(24.1 KB) Block wise number of Polytechnics, Industrial Training Institute, Teacher Training Institute and their students in the district.
Table- 42(18.4 KB) Social Education, Women and Child Welfare in the district
9. Public Health and Family Welfare
Table- 43(36.5 KB) Allopathic hospitals and Dispensaries in the district
Table- 44(23.2 KB) Block wise Allopathic Medical care in the district.
Table- 45(26.2 KB) Block wise Ayurvedic, Unani and Homeopathic Medical care in the district.
Table- 46(25.7 KB) Block wise Community Health Centers, Family and Mother Child Welfare Centre / Sub-Centre in the district.
10. Electrical
Table- 47(33.4 KB) Power consumption in different fields in the district

Table- 48(22.6 KB)

Block wise Electrified Villages,cities and SC settlements in the district.
11. Transport and Communications

Table- 49(35.1 KB)

Length of paved roads(in KM) in the district.
Table- 50(22.9 KB) Block wise Length of paved roads(in KM) in the district.
Table- 51(22.7 KB) Block wise Transport and Communication Services in the district.
12. Institutional Finance
Table- 52(22.8 KB) Block wise branches of Nationalised banks, and Rural banks in the district.
Table- 53 Funds deposited and loan distribution(in Rs.) in commercial banks in district.
13. Water Compensation
Table- 54(29.5 KB) Block wise status of drinking water facilities in villages in the district.
14. Panchayat
Table- 55(21.5 KB) Block wise number of  Gram Panchayat, Gram Sabha and Panchayat ghar in district.
Table- 56(19 KB) Income of Gram Panchayat.
15. Rate
Table- 57(27.8 KB) Monthly Retail rate of various commodities in the district.
Table- 58(26.8 KB) Monthly Urban Retail rate of District center in the district.
16. Miscellaneous
Table- 59(21.2 KB) Category wise number of employees in the district.
Table- 60(18.2 KB) Work done by District Employment Office.
Table- 61(21.8 KB) Economic Figures.
Table- 62(20.7 KB) SC / ST students scholarships.
Table- 66(20.4 KB) Number of Rest Houses / Dak Bungalows in the district (as per 31st March).
Table- 67(15.7 KB) Number of Press in the district
17. Facilities available in urban areas
Table- 63(44.5 KB) Number of various facilities available in the district
18. Villages according to distance from various  facilities available
Table- 64(115.1 KB) Block wise number of villages as per distance from major facilities centres in the district.
19. Horticulture
Table- 68(23.9 KB) Block wise information related to horticulture in the district.
Table- 69(22.8 KB) Block wise  area/cultivation of vegetables in the district.
Table- 70(27.6 KB) Block wise distribution of fruits/plants  in the district.
Table- 71(22.7 KB) Block wise distribution of vegetables/seeds in the district.
Table- 72(21.8 KB) Block wise covered area(in hactare)/cultivation(in metric ton) of various fruits in the district.
Table- 73(21.2 KB) Information regarding tourism in the district(as per 31st March)

Table- 74(34.7 KB) Block wise Drinking Water Facility
Source : District Administration-Almora, Uttarakhand, Last Updated on 18-02-2018